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New Extra Packages:

  •         Fighter Package (3500 EGP):

    • Attend 32 sessions per month (20 Fighter Classes, 12 BJJ Classes)

    • Session cost: 109 EGP

    • 40 EGP cheaper than the fixed 20% discount for students

    • Dedication and commitment from Fighter Class members for big stages this year


  •         All-Inclusive Package (4000 EGP):

    • Attend all classes in the schedule, including new classes added

    • Cost: 4000 EGP


  •         Open Dojo Service (Intermediates/Advanced - Not for Beginners) (1000EGP):

    • Train by yourself on the bags

    • Exclusive for Intermediates/Advanced members

    • No bringing friends or anyone

    • Not for beginners to ensures proper technique before utilizing the service not to build bad habits for them​

Refund policy: Dear valued clients, we do not offer refunds for our memberships. However, you can continue to enjoy your membership or transfer it to someone else by informing the admin at our branch. They will provide a new card for the new member. Thank you for your understanding

For more info call or whatsapp


For complaints kindly whatsapp


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