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About Hashash:

  • He graduated from college to work as a Financial Analyst at Tanmeyah Micro Enterprise owned by EFG Hermes.

  • Hashash is an Egyptian mixed martial artist with 10 years of experience and has a professional kickboxing record of 11 wins and 0 losses in addition to a professional MMA record of 4 wins and 1 loss.

  • Holds the light heavyweight MMA title in Kings of the Ring Championship.

  • Holds the light heavyweight Kickboxing World title "WSC".

  • Egypt National Kickboxing Champion x2

  • Host of the first self defense show in Egypt & The Middle East.

  • in 2016 Hashash decided to take a totally different career path through which he could follow his passion in changing people lives through Kickboxing & Fitness. He founded TEAM HASHASH in December 2016.

  • Currently he is widely regarded as one of the best mixed martial arts coaches and fighters in Egypt



  • Teaching the science of Dutch Kickboxing from beginner to advanced levels.

  • Strength and conditioning program development.

  • CAVEMANROM Kettlebell Instructor L3.0

  • Certified Mittology Coach.

  • Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor.

  • Penalty Box Certified Coach.

  • Specialized in Thai-pads and mitts holding.

  • Weight management / weight cutting expert.

  • Always keep the lines of communication open among players, coaches and parents.

  • Motivating class members to achieve fitness goals individually and as a group.

  • Community building.

  • Injuries rehabbing.


Mahmoud EL-Hashash

“Founder & Head Striking Coach”


  • He graduated from the GUC taking his bachelor's degree in Electronics & Communications.

  • Former Professional Tennis Player with over 12 years of experience. Won more than 50 professional tournaments in Egypt and internationally. He was recognized as one of the top four players in Egypt. Ranked #1 in Egypt at 14 years old. Moreover, he started the body building journey at the beginning of his college years wanted to compete but due to medical reasons he couldn’t and had to stop contribute in sports for two years these was his first time in his life since he was 8 years old. As, he couldn’t train he started educating himself in everything related to sports (Muscle hypertrophy, Fitness, Nutrition, Muscle Anatomy, Gym workouts, Strength Training, Injury Prevention). Following that he started rehabilitation and quickly got back to what he admires the most “Sports”. and Ahly Club.

  • He is currently working as Audio Visual project manager in EMS. Certified in more than 20 courses in his field. After he joined TEAM HASHASH in 2018 he got motivated of Hashash's ways in training and the warm feeling he felt as a member of his team. So, he decided to join this great team and become a family member.

  • His passion is to apply his enthusiasm, knowledge, and education to support Team Hashash in their goals and fitness journeys also help to transform unhealthy habits and encourage healthy minds and bodies. He has an energetic personality making it easy to motivate players to bring out the best of their abilities.


  • Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • Sports enthusiast

  • Hypertrophy Expert

  • Nutrition Expert 

  • Fitness Program Development

  • Modified Exercise Plans

  • Extensive sports knowledge

  • Observation, evaluation, and delivering feedback constructively


Abdelrahman Hassan

Strength & Conditioning Coach

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